Filipino Facebook users react to satire post: THE KILLERS MANILA CONCERT PROTESTED BY RELIGIOUS GROUPS

25 Sep

A couple of friends shared this Facebook post that caught my attention today, about religious groups in Manila supposedly protesting an upcoming The Killers concert because of the band’s name. I read it, and it didn’t take much to realize it was satire. The tone clued me in, but it was really the use of the names “The Virgin Maries” and “Yema Kutsinta” (popular Filipino desserts) that gave it away, along with citing the author’s own Twitter account and a nonexistent Instagram post (Edit: Also, look closely at the photo).

When I first checked, there were over 500 shares. Now, only a few hours later, there are over 1,200 shares. An alarming majority of them, I’d estimate about 90% at least, didn’t seem to get the joke.

Facebook Reaction to Facebook Satire Post on the Philippine Religious Groups Versus The Killers

Facebook Reaction to Facebook Satire Post on the Philippine Religious Groups Versus The Killers
Rough translation: “Why are people in the Philippines so stupid? They haven’t even listened to the songs and they’re already saying this just because of the band’s name. There are just too many religious groups these days crying for attention.” (more…)

For Auld Lang Syne

1 Jan

It’s officially 2013 now, and as we do every year, we have to get used to writing a new number down. If you’re anything like me, you always think of the last time you had to adjust to the new year.

A year ago, at around this time, I was at home in Manila. After having stuffed myself with my mom’s tasty holiday staples and having inhaled all the pyrotechnic fumes from the previous night’s revelry, I had a few days to prepare for another life-changing event. I was leaving again, this time much further away.

Facebook Post - January 2012

Leaving for Canada was not without its worries. Even if I’d been used to living away from home, this felt a bit riskier to me from the moment I started applying for my student visa. This move was miles away, literally, from the 2-hour distance between home and Hong Kong, where I had lived before. It was risky, but not a gamble — I had prayed hard for it, not as much to ask for things to go well, but more to strengthen my conviction that this is what I wanted, and that I was prepared to accept and be content with whatever the outcome. (more…)

Response: The Varsitarian post on the RH Bill, Ateneo and La Salle professors. Talk about cowards.

8 Oct

I’m a proud alumni of the University of Santo Tomas, and an adamant Christian. That said, I still think this is a poorly-written, offensive piece. I would be ashamed to tell others that this came from my alma mater’s publication – even if it’s just an opinion piece. In fact as long as this article is being talked about, I would be ashamed to say I graduated from UST with the possibility that all the powers-that-be there think this way.

Disclaimer: This post is not about whether you or I are pro or anti-RH bill. This is about an article, and what in my opinion is a terrible way of thinking, whichever side you’re on.

Varsitarian Opinion Article - RH bill, Ateneo, and La Salle: Of lemons and cowards

The article in question is on the Varsitarian website. It’s long, but here are some excerpts:

How could Ateneo and La Salle professors dismiss the medically established dangerous side effects of contraceptives when they are not even physicians?

In contrast, UST, which has the oldest and the foremost school of medicine in the Philippines and Southeast Asia, has always warned about the dangerous side effects of contraceptives. UST and her physicians surely know whereof they speak. They’re scientists and experts, unlike the Ateneo and La Salle professors who are intellectual pretenders and interlopers! (more…)

Lana del Rey on the Cover of GQ Magazine

8 Sep

If you’ve see these covers of GQ magazine, and if you’re anything like me, you probably already saw it coming. A lot of people, particularly feminists and anyone with feminist tendencies, are not too happy about it. There are quite a few articles being posted about the apparent sexism, why Lana del Rey is the only one who’s not fully clothed.

GQ Magazine - Lana Del Rey Woman of the Year
I’ll keep it short: Ladies, we don’t really have much of an argument. As long as there are people like Lana del Rey who are willing to get naked for the cover of a men’s magazine, it’s not really about living in a men’s world, about women being sexualized by men, or about sexism. I do think that the “sex sells” idea is true. People know and take advantage of that, either by finding someone who will bare some skin for them, or doing it themselves.

I’m not exactly an active feminist, but if we don’t like seeing things like this happen, this isn’t a complaint we should be raising toward men. It’s a conversation we should be having with other women. Bottom line is, I’m pretty sure she was happy to do the shot.

Bayo’s ‘What’s Your Mix?” Ad Campaign: Is It Racist?

7 Jun

Bayo (pronounced “buy-oh”), a ready-to-wear apparel company based in the Philippines, recently launched an ad campaign called “What’s Your Mix?”. Without reading the two-long-paragraph manifesto explaining it, the campaign basically shows this: Beautiful models, part-Filipino and part-another-race, wearing Bayo clothes, and the question: What’s your mix?

Bayo manifesto: "What's your mix?" Campaign

Now read the text, if you haven’t yet. What does it sound like to you?

Being away from the Philippines, I didn’t have first-hand exposure to it as it was launched. I heard about it from social media, surprise surprise. I always thought that bad news spreads faster and wider than good, so I quickly realized that so many people were reacting negatively to the campaign, especially on Twitter. In fact, I learned of the negative reactions first, way before I even saw the ad in question.

The “offensive” line: “Call it biased, but the mixing and matching of different nationalities with Filipino blood is almost a sure formula for someone beautiful and world class.”

The cry: Bayo seems to praise the beauty only of those Filipinos with mixed blood. They’re not talking about a hidden 6.25% Chinese from an ancestor you didn’t know — the percentages are high. So what about Filipinos without a non-Filipino mother, father or grandparent?

Let’s analyze this. It would be ridiculous to think that the people at Bayo, being a Filipino company, would put down their own race publicly in an ad campaign. So logically speaking, we know their intentions were not bad. And yet, the outrage exists. Why? (more…)

What you may have missed from The Hunger Games if you didn’t read the books.

31 Mar

Before my list, let me just declare that I am a huge Hunger Games fan. I finished reading the series in August 2011, and I finished book 3 in 7 hours. I just couldn’t put the books down as soon as I hit chapter 3 of the first book.

The Hunger Games trilogy (Image from Books & Company)

To me, despite any technical issues in the books, they have all the elements of a page-turner: Strong lead characters whom you can’t help but root for, clever dialogue that always pushes the right buttons at the right time, brilliant, fast-paced storytelling, and a looming sense of urgency and danger.

I begin with that because if you’re reading this for the purpose of being educated in the novels, I highly recommend that you go ahead and purchase them (or borrow them, if you’re so fortunate) because I can almost guarantee that you will find them worth the money and more. If you’re not big on fiction or just don’t have the time for it, then this list is for you.

Either way, there’s far too much content in book 1 to cram into 2.5 hours, so you may find that some things make more sense after reading what you may have missed:


Donald Sutherland as President Snow (Source:



  • The Hunger Games are all about control. Though the Hunger Games began as a result of a past rebellion referred to in the film, it’s not so much about punishment as it is about control. The idea is: Remember that we are in control, we can take your children while you watch helplessly. You are at our mercy. (more…)

Back: Hello from British Columbia!

26 Mar

My host (and in turn my website) got hacked, and it took a while to restore my blog with all the database and domain confusion I had to go through. Okay, okay, so most of my hiatus was my own fault. I’ve been busy as usual, and to those who don’t know yet, I’m out of Hong Kong and currently in beautiful British Columbia, Canada.

View from Mt. Seymour, overlooking Vancouver, BC.

View from Mt. Seymour, overlooking Vancouver, BC.

And I love it here. It’s a beautiful place and I have quite a few old and new friends here, too. But why am I here exactly? Well, I have two reasons: first, to be with my boyfriend who moved back to BC (d’awww?). Second, to get some formal education in Marketing and PR from a fairly well-known institution. Yup, that’s right. It’s been five years since I graduated from University, but I’m back in school and having… well, let’s just say it’s been a familiar challenge.

After two and a half months of being here, I think I’m pretty settled in and pretty used to the place. I have a ton of stories, but I’ll save those for future updates. Until then!